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"Machine Marine Centrifuge”  Genuine Suppliers of Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia Oil Purifier.

The Company has been Exporting and Supplying Purifiers to foremost Shipping Companies in Worldwide for the past 15 Years. We have Over 250+ Purifiers in Ready Stock Enable us to Assemble Customer Difficulty at Short Time.

All Equipment Previous to Overhauling are Stripped of All Mechanism, Cleaned, and Inspected Rebuild. The Bowls are Dismantle and Inspected for Corrosion, Carry Split. All Sealing Faces, Top Discs and Distributors are watchfully chequered for sport & Damage. All Ball Bearings are Changed if Required, Electric Motors Checked Regardless of their Condition.
We are Worldwide Recognized as the Leading Stockists & Exporters of Second hand, Reconditioned, Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia Oil Purifier. We have been Regularly Exporting to Worldwide Reconditioned, Ship-Owners, Industries, Power & Offshore Installations, and Bio-diesel/WVO Manufacturers. Our Superior Quality Products, on Time Delivery Schedules and Industry Leading Prices have enabled us to earn a Worldwide Recognition in a Very Limited Time Period. These Comprise Alfa Laval and Further Industrial Separators for Coolant Recycling, Metalworking Fluid Cleaning, Lube Oil Purification, Oilfield Drilling Mud, Grinding Fluid Filtration, Optical Lens Grinding Fluid Filtration, Waste Oil Recycling, Wash Fluid Filtration and Recovery.

Non-Destructive Testing Facility

  • Mpi crack detection
  • Ultrasonic thickness test
  • Hardness test
  • Calibration & tolerance test
  • Hydraulic pressure check
  •  Bending check

Technical Team

  • Our Technical Team looks after supply of Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia Oil Purifier. All Machinery , Equipments and Spare are subjected to stringent Checks and Tests by our Qualified Experienced staff and a Report is sent to buyers before dispatch with picture

Alfa Laval Centrifuges, Mitsubishi Oil Purifiers, Westflia Oil Separators,

Our reconditioned method is considered to carry the centrifuge rear to spares. and is backed with our warranty.
We carry on a big list of Alfa Laval Centrifuges at our Machinery Facility present variety to our Clients.

Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westflia Centrifuges from Machine Marine Centrifuge Offer Discount above 50% compare to like New Centrifuge.

as a mechanical and electrical system integrator, we suggest inclusive separation module build about reconditioned alfa laval centrifuges. use heavy function steel skid as bas - ASME spec piping, electrics, assemblage and trying of  turn-key  Purification method. To make sure that we preserve the maximum result excellence, all our job is done internal at our lair, Machinery Facility.

Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia Centrifuge Spare Parts

  • Machine Marine Centrifuge taking place off as a replacement spare parts supplier for Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia Centrifuge. in trust with that custom,

    We have a Big Stock of Alternative Alfa Laval, Mitsubishi and Westfalia Parts in Stock Often Accessible for Same Day Shipment. Our Alternative Part are 100% Well-Matched at less than 50% of OEM price. We can Moreover Recommend high-quality use Bowl Parts Discount You Thousands!

Centrifuge Choice

           If you be not confident if a industrial centrifuge is the correct option for you or will fit your plan - call us at 24X7 / 0091 76000 59 212. We will job with you to primary set up if a industrial centrifuge will work for your particular purpose. We can do this based on our past knowledge of 200's of centrifuge function or test a trial of your product during our pilot range Alfa Laval Disc Centrifuge. We can after that fine down to a particular model base on type of liquid, required results, % solids, capability requirement and previous process variables. Once we have recognized the particular model, We will advise possible equipment which we can integrate into your centrifuge system I.E. Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Pumps, Sludge Handling Systems, Stainless Steel Piping and Valves, Duplex Centrifuges for severance and extra. We engineer all our centrifuge systems to particular buyer requirements and focus in design and manufacture of inclusive packages turn-key centrifuge solution.